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10 things you need to know before hiring an Interior Designer

1. Why hire a Interior Designer?

Most people are reluctant to hire an Interior Designer as they think of this as an unaffordable service. Believe it or not, in today's day and age it's more affordable then ever! We can assist with small tasks or manage the whole project from start to finish. Hiring a designer can help small design mistakes such as, (non functioning layouts, wrong fixture and fitting selections, wrong furniture sizes) from happening, that could otherwise cost you more in the future to fix.

Also not to mention access to TRADE DISCOUNTS (now were talking!) not all designers pass on some of their trade discounts, so be sure to ask your designers if you have access to trade discounts.

I pass on a percentage of mine to help assist clients with there budget. Get in touch with me to access some of the best suppliers in Sydney!

2. What's your design style

Design style? What's that you ask!

The interior design style is the look and feel that we want to have achieved when the project is completed. It takes time to figure this out, and your interior designer will help you with this. But before you have your first consultation be sure to do some research on interior spaces that you like and don't like, as this gives your designer a great starting point. Think of us as your best friend, TELL US EVERYTHING!

3. Know your timeframe

Know your timeframe and when you would ideally like to have your project completed by. There could be an urgency to have a project completed asap such as, a new baby on the way or you may just want it completed by next Christmas. Whatever the timeframe be sure to let your interior designer know and check they are available to carry out the project within your timeframe.

4. Does your Interior Designer have the right experience?

Don't be shy to ask your interior designer about their previous projects and check out their portfolio. We're always happy to show you our exciting recent work. Ask them if they have carried out previous projects similar to yours and have a read of their testimonials. If they don’t have any on their website ask if you can get a referral from some of their recent clients. Check out my portfolio right here:

5. Connecting with your Interior Designer

Hiring a Interior Designer for your project can be a lengthy process. It's a relationship after all! Be sure that the designer you hire you connect with. From my experience this is one of the most important parts to hiring a designer. You want this to be any enjoyable experience and vice versa for your designer.

I say… Go with your gut, and if your not feeling it from a certain designer, look at hiring someone else for the job. The more you are on the same page as your designer the better the outcome!

6. Have the design process explained to you

Ask your interior designer to explain their design process to you. If this is a new experience for you, don't be shy if they are speaking a new language and saying things such as, elevations, concepts, floor plans, schedules etc. Ask them to show you examples of these things so your learning along the way too!

Once you understand the stages that are involved in your project you start to know what to expect and how long these processes can take.

7. What are common problems that can occur?

Ask your designer about previous projects similar to yours and some common problems that can be expected. No renovation will go 100% perfectly. THAT'S A FACT! There are a lot of different trades involved, deliveries, suppliers and the unknown once walls are knocked down. You need to understand that problems and mistakes will occur and a lot of them are out of the designers control, but it's the way your designer and building team handle these issues affects the outcome.

8. Know your budget

A lot of clients are shy to talk about the budget at the start. But this needs to be discussed. The last thing you want to do is get excited and hire your designer to find out that your budget of $5000 is not going to stretch far enough to renovate your 2 bathrooms and kitchen. Even though all the TV renovations shows say they do it for less! Discuss this with your designer and they can tell you if you have over or under estimated the costs involved for all your big idea's.

9. How will your project be carried out?

What type of project is yours, and will it be carried out face to face and onsite or will it be done via distance? Interior Designers these days are able to deliver projects in many different ways to best suit the clients needs and location.

10. How will you be billed?

Check with your designer on how they bill their clients and what fee's are included and not included. Do you have the option to be billed hourly or can you have the option to have a fixed fee?

I hope this has given you a small insight into some things to consider before hiring your next Interior Designer. Feel free to get in touch with me to book your free consultation!

Tracey x

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