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A tropical oasis for baby Charli - Henry and Co Interiors

As a both a new mum and an interior stylist, Tracey started her most personal project yet – creating a tropical inspired nursery for her baby girl Charli. When it came to designing the oasis, Tracey focused on creating a space that was full of love and light with pieces that reflected their home’s lush coastal surroundings. Read on for a peek into the luxe boho styled nursery and get inspired to design a dream nook for your own bundle of joy.

Having just moved into a new home, the room was very dark with blue painted walls (not quite the look Tracey wanted for her baby girl’s nursery!). “The brief was to brighten up the room and give it a tropical bohemian feel. I wanted the space to have a strong a neutral base, layered with textural elements and dusty tones throughout.” explains Tracey. It was also important that the room was something baby Charli could grow into and explore as she got older. This is a little tip for those looking to create a nursery for their own little one – “keep in mind when you’re decorating a nursery that your baby will grow and have their own personality in a few years and yes, they may want the gorgeous neutral nursery turned into a purple paradise when they’re older! Wall decals are perfect for styling a space, plus they can easily be removed or reused – essential for those that are renting” says Tracey.


A beautiful rug from Dotts Rugs set the tone for the space. “Firstly, we started out with the floor rug which was sourced with the colours that we liked and that became the base palette for the bedroom” explains Tracey. She selected Dulux Antique White USA as the wall colour and added in a palm tree wall decal from Tiny Walls and the birds from Little Rae to add personality to the nursery. An easy style update to add texture and warmth to a room is with a rug. As Tracey says, “adding a rug even if you have carpet is a fun way to decorate the space”.

When it came to selecting furniture for the nursery, Tracey had to maximise the floor space to ensure all the pieces that she wanted could be incorporated into the space. This included a cot, bookcase, nursing chair, teepee, storage and a change table. A hint when looking for storage options is to ensure they’re easily accessible for little hands to reach and play – the cube storage in Charli’s nursery is a perfect example. Tracey says it’s also important to choose light weight storage, so if a baby pulls it down on themself it won’t hurt. One item that she is so glad she bought is the teepee from Ivory and Deene – a firm favourite for little Charli. “She now loves reading books in it and also loves hiding in there, giggling away waiting be found by someone, or the dog" says the dotting Mum.

A dried palm leaf (found on a walk) adds to the tropical theme and brings an element of nature into the space, while the cuttlefish wall hanging was handmade by Tracey. For those wanting to create a unique nursery, Tracey recommends decorating with bespoke art pieces rather than standard prints to embellish the space. “It can be as simple as finding gorgeous shells on a beach walk to create a mobile with or using dried foliage as a hero feature”.

The end result is a gorgeous sanctuary for little Charli to explore, play and rest – a true labour of love for the interior stylist and new mama.

Source List:

  • Palm Tree Decal - Tiny Walls

  • Bird Decal - Little Rae Prints

  • Leander Linea Cot - Baby Village

  • Noah Rocking Chair - Il Tutto

  • Cuttle Fish Wall Hanging - Henry and Co Interiors

  • Teepee - Ivory and Deene

  • Cavalli Rug - Dotts Rugs

  • Side Table - 55 P

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