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Artwork Placement the "HOW TO" guide

Ok guys, let's talk artwork placement. It can be a bit of an "art" (get it... bad joke?) having the proportions and measurements right so with some guidelines below you will have it looking right in no time. After sharing some inside tips and tricks shall I say, you might be walking around your home wanting to re-hang all of your art!

The "ideal" wall to get your art proportions right is to know the space you want refresh with an art piece. Know the furniture around it and from that purchase an art piece that will fit the space according to some of the guidelines below. That's the best way! But... we all don't have the luxury of going out to buy the perfect artwork for a space and more to the point that collecting art overtime and pieces that mean something to you is what makes a home feel more homeland not so "staged" shall we say. So working with what you is perfectly fine too!

Let's get into it! Artwork should be a collection of pieces that speak to you and they will start to tell a story throughout your home. Placement of art is all about the artwork size and making sure it's in proportion with the furniture and decor around it. Take a look at some guidelines below to give you a better understanding.

All of the artwork and cuttlefish wall hangings below are available for sale via Henry and Co's website. Available in various sizes, frames and prints.

Left Artwork: Blue Horizon Prints from $70 / Framed from $290

Right Artwork: Palmy 1 and 2 Prints from $70 / Framed from $290

Left / Cuttlefish Wall Hanging: LARGE Perfect Pair $650

Right Artwork: Various Art Pieces via the shop Prints from $70 / Framed from $290

Left Artwork: Misty Palm 1 and 2 Prints from $60 / Framed from $290

Right Artwork: Misty Palm 1 Prints from $60 / Framed from $290

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