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Common interior styling mistakes you can avoid

Wrong Rug Size

Ah yes the rug.... This is definitely the most commonly seen mistake in many homes. Your rug should fit all of your main furniture pieces on it. For example; in your living room, aim for a size that your sofa, armchairs and coffee table will all fit on. You don't want a rug that can only squeeze the coffee table on. This mistake makes the space look out of proportion and small. A good rule of thumb is to select a size that reaches under your sofa.

Teeny Tiny plants

In many interior spaces I see indoor plants that are too small placed in the corner of the room. When styling a space, the room requires different heights throughout otherwise it can look flat to the eye. Invest in larger mature plants with a big beautiful pot for your indoor space.

Incorrect Furniture Sizes

Scale of furniture is so important in a space! If you get this wrong you may be finding it hard to walk between your furniture, or have way too much wasted and dead space. Take your time when purchasing, and be sure to go home and measure out your space with the furniture dimensions to see how it fits. If your still confused get in contact with we can help you with a furniture floor plan layout that best suits your space.

Going a little cray cray at Kmart!

Who doesn't buy at Kmart these days right! I’m not saying don't shop there at all, I’m just saying don't buy the whole shop! Kmart sell what’s on trend right now, and trust me you will just keep going back every few months for something new because it has broken or is now not on trend anymore. Why not invest your money and buy a beautiful styling piece or duvet cover that is going to last longer then the season.

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