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Excite your guests with a gorgeous looking Christmas table!

If Christmas is at your house this year and your wanting to make it extra special for your family and friends, then one way to do this is with a stunning Christmas table setting that people will be in awe at! There's nothing more fulfilling then hearing your guests say "oh my gosh this table looks amazing" right?

Get some festive Australian inspiration below and make this Christmas one to remember.

coastal Christmas table setting decor. Natural driftwood table setting for Australian Christmas

Go Coastal

For a-lot of Australian's Christmas is spent by the water so why not go simple this year with your table decorations and collect some pieces of driftwood or tree branches found out on a morning walk.

Source: My Domaine Home

Black and white contrasting Christmas table settings with native fauna table pieces

Go Black and White with a touch of Native

Being in Australia were lucky to have so much beautiful flora and fauna surrounding us. So why not bring some of this into our home for Christmas Day! You may have something growing in your backyard or maybe your local florist have some native flowers for the day.

Either way keep the plate and glassware simple with black and white elements leaving the native touches as the focus piece.


Colourful Christmas table decorations using repurposed Christmas baubles with greenery


Let's be honest, we all probably have enough Christmas decorations even though every year our collection get's a little bigger, but hey that's ok.

Why not think about digging out those unused ornaments and repurposing them as table decorations. You might be surprised at how beautiful the colours are and pull them out for next Christmas!


elegant Christmas table decorations using seasonal fruit and white classic plates with red tree decorations

Get Fruity

Yep it's that easy! You are probably going to have planned a shopping trip to the grocery store anyway so why not grab some colourful fruit that's in season to give your Christmas table a pop of colour. It's a good way to support your local framers too. Also adding some little gingerbread cookies to the setting are a pretty touch.

All of this on the Christmas table will all get eaten so it's a win win!


Stunning gold and white Christmas table settings with timber plant pot, timber serving spoons and gold plate platewear for Australian Christmas

Subtile touches of Gold

Adding warm textures such as timber elements and gold sit so well on any Christmas table. A choosing board, plant pot or timber serving spoons are all things you may already have! Source:

From us here at Henry and Co Interiors we wish everyone a very Merry Australian Christmas to you and your family and friends and a Happy New Year to bring in a fresh year of 2021.

If you are thinking about redecoration or renovating be sure to book in your FREE consultation via our website below:

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