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How to keep your renovation on track

Embarking on a renovation is an exciting (and sometimes stressful) journey. There are many elements to consider from design concepts, budget, timeframes and trades, especially if you’ve decided to project manage it on your own. After completing many successful projects (and learning a lot along the way!), we’ve decided to share our top tips to ensure your renovation stays on track with the end result everything you’ve dreamed of and more.

Firstly, we recommend having a design concept clearly defined. This provides trades with a visual to work towards and helps them to understand the project direction. A detailed mood board is an essential tool to bring your creative vision to life and can be easily shared with the team working on your renovation. When you’re creating a mood board, think about incorporating photographs, illustrations, colour palettes, textures and descriptive words. Remember it can be anything that inspires and helps to curate the desired look you are wanting to bring to life in your space.

It is also SO important to have a good team of trades working on the project – this can make or break your renovation. Problems can range from inflated quotes to shoddy workmanship and lengthy delays. We suggest asking your friends and family, plus those in the industry for their recommendations – word of mouth referrals are great and can ease any concerns prior to the commencement of a project. Also don’t commit to the first quote you receive! Comparing quotes from different contractors can save you money (a win in our eyes!). We recommend three quotes for any big-ticket items to ensure you are getting a fair market price.

Now, let’s talk about budget. A common issue that arises is a budget blowout – it can be difficult to stick to a budget and keep track of where your money is going. That’s why an essential component of any renovation is having an itemised budget in place that guides you in all your decisions. Do your research prior to creating a budget to ensure it is realistic – look at the cost of materials, products and labour. It should also include budget contingencies, as not everything always goes to plan! Once you have estimated your budget, it is a good idea to add on 25% of the total cost as a buffer for those unexpected occurrences.

Finally, prepare, prepare, prepare! Templates keep us organised and on track for every renovation, plus they can also be a useful prompt to ensure nothing is overlooked. Our project templates include weekly and monthly to-do lists with actionable items that can be ticked off once completed. There is also a clearly defined schedule for materials, finishes, fixtures, fittings and PC items. Having a planned timeframe for the project can reduce the risk of delays and more money being spent on materials or labour.

In exciting news, here at Henry and Co we’ve been working behind the scenes to develop a set of templates for anyone looking to renovate, who needs expert guidance from concept to completion. Watch this space – launching early 2022! So make sure you jump on our email list for updates.

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