"How to" select materials and finishes for your renovation

When starting a renovation or a build, selecting your materials and finishes is an important process and can sometimes be thrown together without much thought or research gone into how to make the space flow seamlessly. I like to remind my clients when starting the design development stage that a home should reflect your personality and be a collection of curated memories. I bet, if you look at your wardrobe collection and then the interior of your home, the interior will reflect your wardrobe. Eg; if your wardrobe is a collection of neutrals and earthy tones, that your home reflects the same. Thats also goes for if your wardrobe is full of colour and pattern! Am I right?

Materials and Finishes for a soft Coastal Concept

Don't know where to start?

Let's start with a list of materials and finishes you may require for the main rooms such as a kitchen or bathroom. See below for a general list of products.


  • Flooring (natural timber, engineered timber, laminate, bamboo or tile)

  • Bench top (marble, engineered stone, stainless steel, laminate or timber)

  • Splash back (marble, engineered stone, tile, mirror or glass)

  • Cabinetry (laminate, melamine or polyurethane)

  • Tapware and Hardware Finish (stainless steel, brass, nickel, copper)


  • Flooring (tile, marble or concrete)

  • Wall tiles (tile, marble or concrete)

  • Feature Wall tile - if your having one (tile)

  • Tapware and Hardware Finish (stainless steel, brass, nickel, copper)

Bedrooms and General flooring throughout

  • Flooring (carpet, natural timber, engineered timber or laminate)