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Interior design trends for 2022 that are here to stay!

There’s no need for a crystal ball when looking ahead this year – we’ve curated a definitive list of all the interior trends to look forward to and embrace in your own home. With a global pandemic continuing and having spent more time at home than ever these past two years, it’s no surprise the top trends are focused on bringing the outdoors in and making us feel emotionally at ease. The best part is that you can easily incorporate these elements in your space with our simple styling recommendations. Let’s take a look...

This year earthy tones will take centre stage to bring a sense of nature indoors. You’ll notice an array of brown tones featured in fabrics like leather or even on terracotta walls. Think rich chocolate browns, camels, cognac and caramel hues – all colours that bring a feeling of warmth and grounding to a space. If you’re not ready to commit and pick up a paint brush just yet, consider using soft furnishings that can easily be interchanged once you’re ready for a refresh. Cushions, throws and bed linen are a perfect option for incorporating earthy browns in your home.

After spending so much time indoors, another trend that reflects our desire to connect with nature is the resurgence in natural materials. Gone are the days of synthetic finishes and man-made materials. From kitchens to bathrooms and everything in between, raw timber, stone and concrete are now the favoured materials for finishes. Bring a sense of nature inside with these raw and imperfect finishes to add an element of texture and depth into your home. The use of luxurious marble will continue to dominate in bathrooms and kitchens. However, if you’re after a more cost- effective option then smaller scale furnishings such as coffee tables and side tables can work well to elevate a space.

Curves are having a moment. This year we will see softer shapes and angles featured in both furniture and architecture. Sensual, rounded curves embody a sense of softness and are more welcoming than harsh lines in a space. Get creative when incorporating curves in your home – the sky is the limit! Whether it be an arch feature in your entry way, a curved armchair or perhaps a rounded console to display your trinkets, make it the hero of the space. Furniture and accessories with softer edges can make a room feel cosier and will help soften harsh lines.

As more people seek comfort and familiarity in their homes, sourcing handmade pieces with meaning has become a priority. The notion of ‘buying once and buying well’ is the mantra for this year. This trend is a direct response to growing importance of sustainability, as we favour supporting smaller businesses with heart rather than purchasing mass produced goods. Consider intertwining vintage and up-cycled pieces with contemporary elements to create layering in your interior space. Displaying mementos from travels and treasured photographs grouped in vignettes are also a perfect way to create a sense of connection and belonging in your home.

If you would like expert guidance to incorporate these inspired trends in your own abode, then we would love to hear from you. Head to our website and fill in an enquiry form to get started

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