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Kitchen design trends that will inspire you

A new (financial) year is the perfect opportunity to incorporate some of the latest design trends into your interior for a fresh start. With the kitchen being the heart of the home - the space where you relax, entertain and connect, it’s a worthwhile investment to update this area first. We’ve curated a list of kitchen trends that we’re loving (and know you will too). Let’s take a look...

Glazed Tiles

Glazed tiles are making a comeback in kitchen splash backs with a shift away from matt finishes in favour of the shine of glazed tiles. Not only are they super easy to clean and come in an array of colours, but glazed tiles also reflect light to make the kitchen feel more spacious. Glazed tiles work well paired with rustic timber and marble benchtops, as they create an added element of texture and contrast beautifully. Either go bold with a rich hue or for a more muted look, choose glazed white tiles that will make the most of natural light and fit in with any design.

Colour Splash If you’re not wanting to spend big on a kitchen refresh but are looking for something inspiring then incorporating a new hue could be the answer. We have fallen for the 2022 Pantone Colour of the Year – a beautiful violet infused blue tone named Very Peri. This colour is amazing for providing an eye-catching pop of colour either through painted cabinetry, a splashback or more subtly with decorative pieces like vases and glassware. Depending on the desired aesthetic, the colour can give off a modern or stately vibe while creating a statement in your home.

Open Single Shelving

If you’re looking for an opportunity to show off your gorgeous collection of wares, then open single shelving in a kitchen will do just that. This design trend is popular for both functional and aesthetic reasons. You can easily find and store items like cookbooks and glassware, making them accessible without having to search high and low through cupboards. Aesthetically, open shelving also allows you to style a kitchen and add a personal touch with pieces like ceramics, indoor plants and artwork in view for all to appreciate and admire.

Integrative Appliances

A streamlined aesthetic in kitchens is the choice for many homeowners, preferring to use integrative appliances like ovens, microwaves, dishwashers and fridges in cabinetry for a more minimal look. Concealing appliances and pantries is an effective way to de-clutter kitchen spaces and can make a smaller kitchen look much larger. It can also increase the flow between the living area and kitchen in an open plan home with a streamlined look carried across both zones.

Natural Love Wood grain finishes on cabinets and bench tops will continue to be a big trend this year, as we look to incorporate natural elements indoors. Utilising a timber finish in your kitchen will add textural warmth and rawness to the space. You can also match the timber to the furniture you’ve used elsewhere if you have an open-plan layout. It works perfectly in combination with concrete benches and dark coloured tap-ware, sinks and appliances. Another popular option that continues to emerge in many kitchen designs is terrazzo – a versatile material that emulates nature and adds texture. Incorporate this trend into your area with terrazzo tiles on a splashback, as a benchtop surface or even use a flecked look in your flooring. This material will make a great focal point in a kitchen and is a fun way to inject some personality into a space that you spend so much time in.

Double Duty If you’ve got a large kitchen, then this might be a design idea to add to your must-have list. Kitchens continue to be more and more of a multipurpose hub for families – whether it’s to cook, work, socialise or even complete homework. Because of this, functionality has become ever so important. This has seen an emerging trend of double islands in kitchens. Having only one very large kitchen island can overpower the space and its sheer size can make it impractical for flow. Double kitchen islands allow you to zone prep and dining/work areas separately while also adding interest to an open plan space.

If you would like guidance to incorporate these inspired trends in your own home, then reach out to Henry and Co Interiors. Head to the website and fill in an enquiry form to get started – we would love to hear from you!

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