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Meet the woman behind Henry and Co Interiors

You’ve seen the beautiful design work that Henry & Co Interiors has created for clients in the interior space. But I thought it was time to turn the spotlight on Tracey Zarowski for a moment and get to know more about the founder of Henry & Co Interiors. As the copywriter for this studio, crafting the blog articles and email newsletters that you read, it gives me joy to interview Tracey. An inspiring woman in business based on the Coal Coast south of Sydney and mum to little Charli (with another baby on the way). Grab a coffee and settle in as we chat about all things business, inspiration and how she balances running a busy interior design studio with motherhood.

Tell me about your background and how you started your design studio? I worked on private yachts overseas for seven years during my 20's and then returned home to work in luxury property management, while also doing property styling. This opened my eyes to some amazing homes in Sydney, which developed into a keen interest for interior design. I studied while working full time then went out and worked under a Sydney designer before taking the leap and starting my own studio. And here we are! Where do you go for inspiration? Nature is always my go-to whenever I need a spark of inspiration, but also from travelling to new destinations. Nature is so prominent within Australian homes - I feel like inspiration is all around me!

What does your morning routine look like? With our second baby due very soon, I’ll have to find a new routine. At the moment, it starts with our early rising toddler who is the wake-up alarm. It’s the normal morning madness to get her off to day care and then usually I take our dog for a walk and swim at the beach before heading back to the office for a coffee and sitting down at my desk to get started for the day ahead.

What do you wish you knew when you first started your business? I had no idea I would start a business and then fall pregnant within a year! So, knowing that growing the business would take some time as life happens.

How do you find the juggle of running a busy studio alongside being a mum? It’s a juggle that’s for sure! I have always been one to say yes to every client but since recently working with a business mentor, I have had to really consider every project to see if they are the right fit and taking on quality projects versus quantity. I also outsource some documentation work for larger projects to help with the workload. Having a very structured day helps keeps me on track and plan out project work in advance, so I stay organised and on top of everything.

What do you like to do outside of work? Away from work, my favourite place to be is the beach. I’m a surfer so the water is my happy place. I’m also a sucker for a DIY project! Just ask my fiancée - he loves it when I come home with a new project to do! It can range from upholstering chairs, sewing projects to revamping a doll’s house. What can I say – I’m a creative at heart!

What are your dreams for business in 2023? I will be working on rebranding the business while the studio takes a break to welcome baby number two and settle in as a family of four. I will be coming back to work towards the end of 2023 with a fresh new look and plenty of energy to get stuck into exciting new client projects (with plenty of coffee along the way!).

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