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Minimal and stylish Christmas present wrapping inspiration

So the Christmas shopping is all done and dusted... Right? Aha sure your saying...

Every year Christmas I find myself year spending time thinking about how I’m going to wrap presents for friend's and family. I personally love a beautifully wrapped present, it adds so much more to the experience!

These gifts sit under your tree for almost a month, if your really organised that is! So why not make them a beautiful part of the Christmas decor and more so, why not make that person your given the present to feel extra special.

For stylish and minimal wrapping idea's you'll be sure to find something below.

Wrapping Paper

Select a subtle wrapping paper, either white, black or recycled parcel paper which is my favourite to use. I found my paper at the local news agency.

A little trick, if you can't find white paper you can always use any thick paper make sure it’s not to thin and see through and then flip the pattern inside so it becomes white.


You can use any kind of twine you come across, bakers twine is always easy to find at the supermarket. There is the standard way of tying the twine around into a T shape, or try wrapping it around and slightly overlapping itself for a fun effect! To get started I like to add sticky tape on the back to hold the twine down, and also to finish off to hold the twine together.


I like to keep this minimal. Old Christmas decorations are great to use such as pinecones or artificial red berries which you can find in any craft store. Really you can really use any decorations you like here!

Name Tags

I like to use basic name tags or plain luggage tags, again any craft shop should sell these.

Also plain tags that have glitter are a fun way of adding a bit of bling to your gift!



The easy part that doesn't have to be added onto your already long shopping list. Head out into the garden and snip off some foliage. Any leaves, branches or even cut some pieces off the back of your Christmas tree to use as decoration. Be sure to leave this to last to keep the greenery as fresh as possible and to stop the greenery from dying up to quickly.

There you go! These are very simple ideas for you to try out at home to have the best wrapped presents for all your family and friend’s this Christmas!

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