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Styling the heart of the home for practicality and pleasure

The kitchen is the heart of the home and often takes centre stage. That’s why it’s essential to present it in the best light possible. With some clever styling, you can transform your kitchen into an aesthetically pleasing and functional space without having to spend big. Here we share our top styling tips that Henry & Co Interiors use to elevate client kitchens.

Start with a clean slate The first step in the styling process is to declutter. Set aside a morning to clear your benchtops and remove anything you don’t use from your cupboards and pantry. Consider how you use your kitchen – particularly the preparation areas like the sink and benchtop, plus cooking areas like the stovetop and oven. This will influence how you style your kitchen to maximise ease of use.

Create functional zones We recommend creating groupings of functional objects, so it doesn’t just look like clutter. For those who love their caffeine fix, this could include a coffee station complete with a machine, sugar jar, coffee bean cannister and tamper kit. Or we love including a utensil crock next to the stove with spoons, spatulas and other tools easily accessible when you need them quickly. The key is to keep these practical pieces on display as pretty as possible by using beautiful vessels (canisters, oil bottles and fruit bowls) for storing. With most kitchens having hand soap next to the sink, this is also the perfect opportunity to create a stylish arrangement. Simply use a tray as the anchor, then add beautifully packaged soap (we love al.ive body and Aesop) or a ceramic alternative. Then add interest with a little candle or indoor plant to complete the look.

Open for inspection Now more than ever, we are seeing kitchens that feature open shelving. For design enthusiast, this can be used to inject personality and style into an otherwise functional space. For the upper shelving, try displaying decorative pieces like ceramics varying in size and texture. Or for a personal touch, incorporate your favourite art by leaning it against the shelf. Wooden chopping boards in different shapes and sizes make for great styling, as they add much needed warmth to a space. The lower shelves are for items used more frequently, due to easy access. Luxury ceramic mugs or bespoke salt and pepper grinders would work well in this area.

Fresh is best Create a focal point in your kitchen with fresh flowers, presented in an oversized vase. One of the best places to display these is on your island bench – you’ll see and appreciate them more in this high traffic area than anywhere else in the home. Curating a bowl of fresh fruit can also bring life to your space - try something simple like a handful of lemons. An indoor plant (or two!) also looks perfect next to the sink, whether on the windowsill or placed near the tapware.

Create moments of joy

We spend so much time in the kitchen, whether it’s entertaining, cooking or cleaning. We love to make the space feel inviting by including some little luxuries that evoke emotion. Lighting your favourite candle, including a hand lotion next to the sink and displaying your favourite cookbook are all ways to bring moments of joy into your kitchen. A rug in the in front of the sink area can also add a sense of luxury and warmth to the space. Just remember when styling to keep the colour palette consistent and use texture throughout to create contrast.

If you would like guidance to incorporate these inspired trends in your own home, then reach out to Henry and Co Interiors. Head to the website and fill in an enquiry form to get started – we would love to hear from you!

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